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Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base - Legal Services
San Diego, CA

This project included renovation of an existing 5,995 sf single story office building.  The building was fully gutted and hazardous material removed to install new finishes, interior and exterior doors, HVAC, power and lighting. The building's low floor to roof height and sloping 12” square concrete roof beams made it challenging to design for the desired ceiling height while still allowing room for HVAC duct and equipment and lighting.


The renovated building included a full courtroom, complete with jury box, judge and court reporter desks and a witness box.  The remainder of the building included a deliberation room, judge’s chambers, a holding cell and offices, libraries and conference rooms for the trial and defense counsels. Also included in the design were accessible public restrooms as well as staff shower and locker rooms.

View from Judge's Bench
View from the Gallery
Office Space
Deliberation Chamber
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