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Beach Family Doctors
Huntington Beach, CA

This project renovated 6,000 sf of a 1950s building.  This building is unique as all major walls are curved and new layouts had to take into consideration this curve in the design of the exam rooms, nurse pods, and front office areas.


New ADA compliant restrooms and site access were integrated into the redesign of the building.  The program focuses on four doctor's pods with exam rooms and nurse pods.  A blood draw room enables the doctors to offer added services to their patients.  Interior design was developed to compliment the medical practice’s beach theme.  


Finishes were selected for durability and sanitary concerns, providing solid surface countertops, sheet vinyl flooring and carpet tile.  Complete electrical and plumbing systems had to be replaced, as well as all HVAC ducting.

Entry Check-In
Hall with Work Counter
Exam Room
Work Counter
Entry Lobby
Exam Room
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