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Gadzoox Computer Networks
Irvine, CA

Working with an empty shell building, this two phase, 25,000 sf project included high tech design and research labs for this software development company.  Design attributes included creative and innovative teaming spaces, flexible conferencing, as well as the permanent hardware, software, and MIS labs.  These labs needed to be not only functional, but a living showcase for clients.  Special indirect lighting eliminated hot or dark lighting spots which would be detrimental to the firm's extensive computer usage.  Special mechanical considerations were given to the development labs.  In addition to being on an Uninterrupted Power Source, the mechanical units had humidity requirements and a redundancy in the systems created to ensure environment stability. The project included showers and fun, contemporary recreation areas to entice programmers to work here.

Entry Lobby
Decorative Milwork
Hallway with Decorative Lighting
MIS Computer Labs
MIS Computer Labs
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