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Marine Corps Recruit Depot - Fitness Center Building 13
San Diego, CA

This building is in the MCRD historical district and one of the renovation goals was to return the façades to the building’s original architectural fenestrations. Originally the horse and wagon firehouse for the base, the building had large curved openings in both the north and south façades to allow the wagons to be pulled through the structure.  This large part of the building had been converted to a gymnasium pieced together through a series of projects over several decades.  As part of the renovation, custom designed glazing sections were installed, emulating the window pane pattern and ribbed glazing of the period to return the aesthetic of the building back to its historical heritage.


The main entrance was reoriented and a new glass storefront system opens onto a new curved reception counter.  In addition, the project provided new and expanded toilet/shower/locker rooms which are also ADA compliant to serve the increased number of patrons with an elevator for access to cardio equipment and offices on the second floor.

New Exterior Finish
New Exterior Finish
New Exterior Finish
Entry Check-In
Workout Room
New Doors & Windows
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