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Orange Coast Women's Medical Group
Irvine, CA

Phoenix Planning was hired to design a regional office for the booming 16 doctor OB/GYN practice of South Orange County.  The new location presented a challenge:  due to existing demising walls and core restrooms, the entry into the suite was long and skinny, almost presenting a "bowling alley" feel.  To counteract this existing physicality, Phoenix Planning chose a design of an undulating curved entry / reception counter with curved soffit to echo the shape above.  This soffit utilized elegant downlights with frosted glass reflectors and stainless steel posts to promote a sleek, fresh accent.  This curved entry experience draws the eye away from what could be a tight space and carries the patient through to the windowline.  The six exam rooms each have an accent wall color that is derived from three bold corporate colors.  High 10 foot ceilings and lots of windows make the space bright and uplifting.

Entry Lobby Front Desk
Autoclave, Lab & Testing
Exam Room
Doctor & Nurse Hub Desk
Exam Room
Waiting Area
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