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Premier Physicians Medical Group
Irvine, CA

This Monarch Healthcare satellite medical office contains four exam rooms, one large treatment room, a doctor’s office and a laboratory. Branding was a top priority.  The corporate standard paint palette includes several shades of green.  In visiting other locations, we discovered that the prevalent pattern was to primarily utilize the darkest shades.  Our design chose to flip this standard and use the lightest shade throughout to take advantage of the natural light from the suite's vast windowline.


The carpeting brings other accents into the palette while a curvilinear motif assists in contrasting against the suite’s natural linear layout, making it seem larger than its actual size. A curved reception desk with elegant frosted glass downlights creates a focal point and the frosted element continues with full panel French doors both at the lobby and doctor’s office.

Entry Lobby & Check-In
Check-Out Desk
Exam Room
Multi Station Office
Waiting Area
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